No more excuses – book now!

At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity. We offer economical and affordable prices and packages.

We inform. We inspire. We share. We create.
All for the sake of creating memories to cherish forever.

One of the regular presenters of Seminars at the yearly Dallas Safari Club convention, Mr Terry Blauwkamp, covers the importance why no more excuses needs to be made to plan and execute your African safari. There is no better time than NOW…

Mr Blauwkamp often ends his seminars by remembering the words of his now-deceased father, who never experienced Africa himself, but always urged his son to go:

“Son, when I had the time, I had no money. When I had the money, I had no time. When I had the time and the money, I didn’t feel good anymore.”

If you know where you want to go, you can map out how to get there. You can make plans, create a strategy, work methodically toward reaching your goals, and finally arrive at the desired destination.

“The rewards are far more than just the hunt,” says Mr Blauwkamp. “We have made many friends in Africa who are very dear to us. Take the time to enjoy the view. Smell the roses. Every dawn opens a new experience.”

For Mr Blauwkamp, the answer is simple: “When I am finally there, and I put my feet up, and I listen to the sounds of the African night, and I look up at the Southern Cross, that’s when it all becomes clear to me—yes, it’s most definitely worth it going through all the challenges of planning your safari.”

Put an immediate end on making excuses, take action, plan NOW.
Contact us for your African safari to Namibia.

Kowas Hunting Safari: Ethical hunting is our pride and passion.
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