Budget, opportunity and destination

Budget and opportunities and destination

At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity.   We offer economical and affordable prices and packages – do not THINK you cannot afford it, see for yourself!  Get facts, don’t settle to keep on dreaming, LIVE YOUR DREAMS!  You  have only one life. 

We inform. We inspire. We share.  We create.
All for the sake of creating memories to cherish forever.

From big game to small, varmints to fowl, the USA is extraordinarily rich in hunting opportunities. However, some adventures simply aren’t made in America. For more and more hunters, the notion of stalking the illusive kudu, blue wildebeest, oryx (gemsbuck) or springbuck in their native environment is more than just a novelty.

It’s a drive.

Perhaps the same calling that once manifested itself in explorers and colonists and pioneers now channels through the international hunter.  “In a relatively short span, hunting evolved from a subsistence activity to a recreational pastime. Now we’re seeing another transition — hunting as a means to worldwide adventure — and that’s a whole new level of passion and stewardship for a growing number of people,” said Ben Carter, executive director of Dallas Safari Club (DSC). The DSC is an organization of hunters involved internationally in conserving wildlife and habitat, educating youth and the public, and promoting and protecting the rights and interests of hunters.

Mr Carter added, “There was a time when an African safari was an once-in-a-lifetime trip, but today’s hunter is more mobile than ever. Just as non-resident hunting is on the upswing in most states, so is the trend of hunting in other countries.”

A recent survey conducted by research firm Southwick Associates at www.huntersurvey.com estimates nearly 700,000 sportsmen and women, or about 5.7 % of all hunters in the USA, will hunt beyond American borders in the next two years.  Those figures represent significant growth from the previous three years, when a total of just over a half-million people travelled abroad specifically for hunting. The most popular destination was Canada with 46.9 % of respondents hunting in that country (perhaps since it is right “next door”). Nearly 23 % hunted in Africa, making it the second most popular destination. On average, USA hunters spend per person $6,700 for an international hunting trip, according to the survey, but outstanding excursions certainly can be had for less.  Interestingly, of the survey respondents who had hunted abroad, well over half had done so multiple times.

 “Across the globe, doors continue to open for all international hunters…because of the positive influences of hunting on conservation and wildlife management, especially in developing countries,” said Carter.

The survey also revealed that cost is the most significant perceived barrier for hunters considering an international excursion.  41% of respondents agreed that cost is the biggest hurdle but Carter said many first-timers end up pleasantly surprised at the final bill.

Mr Carter continued:  “Package deals are designed to be more affordable than you might think. In fact, a multi-species plains-game hunt in Africa can be less expensive than a premier elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains. Don’t take for granted that you can’t afford it. Do some research, contact operators and really weigh the many options available today.”

In order to go that extra mile to make it possible for you to afford a safari to Namibia, Africa, Kowas Hunting Safaris wants to emphaise the popular, economical and affordable package deals, which are as follows:

First African Safari package:              US$5 500
Non-trophy hunting package:              US$3 700
Hunting and touring combo package: US8 600

It can be overwhelming for most people when too many opportunities come their way. However, if one fails to manage these opportunities, it can surely lead to failures that are sometimes the main reasons why people can’t afford to go on and fulfill their dreams. Opportunities are everywhere and are easy to find. All you have to do is to manage the chances that come and learn to determine which one you should keep and which one you should let go.

When you fail in a certain task, your mind would be too preoccupied when opportunities do come. What you fail to notice is that you may already have what you are looking for. You just don’t see it yet to appreciate it and work hard on it to be successful. Actually this is a common mistake people make; you don’t have to wait for something. You just have to work hard and it will come to you sooner or later. Keep in mind that opportunity runs only on hard work.

Managing opportunities is like managing a car. You need the fuel and resources to make a car run, and in selecting and working on opportunities, you need dedication and perseverance. When opportunities knock on the door and you believe that it’s worth pursuing without aggravating other people then by all means go after it. In such a case that it presents you with success but will hurt other people in the process, never give in.

Know your priorities – What do you really want? What is important to you? Life is full of distractions and money often tops the list of distractions. When you establish a budget and a sound financial plan, money issues lose their grasp on your conscious mind, allowing you to enjoy the things in life that really matter to you. It may be fun to imagine making impulse purchases you can barely afford, but is it worth the distraction of living paycheck to paycheck? Set your priorities based on your passions and live for those, not for money.

If money were not an issue… – What would your life be like if money were not an issue? What would your priorities be? How would you spend your time? What kind of work would you do? Fantasize about that for a while and write about the ideal life you would experience. Set goals based on this fantasy and you will rarely struggle to find motivation to stick to your budget and meet your financial goals.

Develop a budget – The first step in any sound financial plan is developing a budget. All other financial goals – saving, debt payoff, investing, etc. – can only be achieved with successful adherence to a sound budget. To develop your budget, create envelopes for your expenses, discretionary funds and savings based on your past behavior.  Monitor your spending and make adjustments to your budget over time.

Keep Accounts Current – To maintain financial success, pay your bills on time and keep your accounts current. Late charges, extra interest and fees incurred with late payments can turn you budget upside down in the short term. In the long term, damaged credit can cost you with increases in interest rates, fees and even insurance rates. Once you have established a successful budget, keeping accounts current should be a simple matter of vigilance.

Plan your purchases rather than charging them – If you can’t afford to buy something you want right now, how do you expect to be able to pay for them later with added interest and fees? When you plan and save for purchases, it costs you less and gives you time to consider whether this is how you want to use your money. In the long term, this means you end up with more money, your buying power is increased, and you have quality products that you truly want instead of accumulating a bunch of stuff to clutter your home.

What is the meaning of life? – Every financial decision you make should resonate with purpose and meaning. If your financial goals are in line your life’s passions and sense of purpose, you will have the motivation, drive and inspiration you need to make your financial dreams reality. The next time you get an urge to buy something you don’t need or can’t afford, if you know your purpose and are passionate about your goals, you will have no problem making the right decision

If  you know where you want to go, you can map out how to get to Kowas.  You can make plans, create a strategy, work methodically toward reaching your goals, and finally arrive at the desired destination:  Kowas Hunting Safaris.

Kowas Hunting Safari:  Ethical hunting is our pride and passion.


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