Kowas Hunting Safaris

Tel:  (940) 440-8998


At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity.

To inform. To inspire. To share.  To create.

All for the sake of creating memories to cherish… forever.  Make the right choice!

You think you have limited the possible Outfitters to compile a “short list”?   The process is not done yet…  You should never under-estimate the value of the references.  It is worth setting valuable, quality time aside in contacting references from Outfitters reflected on your “short list”.

It’s important to interview and vet potential operators carefully, not because there are bad people in this industry, but because not every hunt is perfect for every hunter. You know your tastes, preferences and abilities. Make sure you communicate those to the outfitter and ask relevant questions to ensure a good fit.

Reference investigation is an important and essential step in the process as it reduces the risk of making the wrong choice:  choose right, choose Kowas Hunting Safaris.  The feedback received during reference check becomes crucial when narrowing down Outfitters for a potential safari destination.

Always ask operators for references — and make sure you call them. Get references for the last 3-5 years, including the last hunting season. This will give you a picture of the operator’s performance over a long period. The last two years will give you the most recent snapshot on what to expect. Ask for references that were successful on their hunts and some who were not. If an unsuccessful hunter still recommends an operator, that’s a good sign.

Ask specific and relevant questions and do not accept general or ambiguous responses. If a reference tells you the Kowas PH’s are great, ask what makes them great. Make them tell you about our Kowas owners, Kowas employees, Kowas PH’s and significant others personality at Kowas and around the campfire, the PH’s ability to spot and stalk to put you on game, our understanding of a bowhunter’s special needs, our ability to adapt a hunt to a client’s capabilities, etc.

If they say there’s plenty of game, ask about the actual numbers, various species, trophy-quality animals, accessibility, shot distances, how spooky the animals are, etc. If they say the hunting terrain is easy, do they mean rolling hills, walking, climbing, driving most of the time, sparse cover? Let them descript the various Kowas hunting terrain.  Is it easy for a fit 30-something or easy for a 70-year-old with two knee replacements? Get specifics.

If you know where you want to go, you can map out how to get to Kowas.  You can make plans, create a strategy, work methodically toward reaching your goals, and finally arrive at you desired destination – Kowas Hunting Safaris!

You will arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend…

Kowas Hunting Safari:  Ethical hunting is our pride and passion…


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