Whk airport buidling outside on departure


Chief Hosea Kutako International airport Windhoek

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Airline tickets are a large expense related to your safari and for that reason it can be well worth your while to do some checking into prices and itineraries.

WHK airport building outside on arrival

In general, the internet is a great resource tool for comparing prices and booking a domestic flight, however that’s not really the case when it comes to looking for the best airfare for your hunting safari to Africa. There are only a few websites in the first place that offer flights to most African countries, even fewer offering flights to some of Africa’s less travelled destinations and because there is little to no competition on these routes bargains are usually hard to come by on the internet.

Kowas Hunting Safaris recommend hunters to use a trustworthy travel agent who at the minimum specializes in international destinations and Africa in particular especially travelling with rifles, however the best way to go is by far to use a travel agent whose speciality is booking trips for international hunters to Africa. A travel agent with extensive experience sending hunters to Africa on a regular basis will be a valuable resource in every aspect of your trip. Most hunting travel agents get far better prices than you could ever find on your own.

Whk airport buidling inside arrivals

Not only will they be able to inform you of the best routes possible based on airline regulations and navigate you through the pitfalls of the airline industry but their specialization comes with up to date knowledge of requirement for hunters traveling with firearms and ammunition, as well as assisting you with firearm permits and other paperwork related to travelling. They should be able to verse you on the importation or transiting procedures through countries with weapons and ammunition. Another huge advantage of going with a hunting travel agent is if something goes wrong, you have someone, a person, to help you straighten things out.

Windhoek inside of building

An experienced hunting travel agent should have good tips for hunters who are traveling and be able to verse you on the most convenient and best places for hunters to stay and even eat while on layovers or before/after the hunt as well as small side excursions that is possible.

Be sure to carry with you the contact information of your hunting travel agent while traveling so you can reach them if needed.

Kowas Hunting Safaris highly recommends hunting travel specialists African Odyssey and Gracy Travel, although there are others such as Travel Express and Travel with Guns. They can assist you with all aspects of your hunting travel excursion. Contact us and we provide an extended list for travel agents.

International Airport in Namibia
– City: Windhoek – capital of Namibia
Hosea Kutako International Airport
Airport Code WDH
Located 28 miles (45 km) east of the city of Windhoek

Airlines Flying via South Africa to Namibia:

Air Namibia

Air Namibia plane

South African Airways

SAA aircraft

British Airways


Delta Airlines

Lufthansa (Germany)


Depending on the travel schedule and lay-over time, it sometimes is necessary to overnight in Johannesburg on your way to Namibia. Despite of horror stories traveling via Johannesburg to Namibia, there is no reason to be concerned: if you make use of the meet and greet service. Without this service, it might be true… Kowas Hunting Safaris strongly recommend you consider making use of a meet and greet service in order to assist you in this arrangement.

Air 2000 or also known as Hunters Support

When using the meet and greet services (various such services are available to choose from), clients are met at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport off the aircraft. You look for your name on a signboard and they will assist you with immigration, baggage collection, firearm identification and airline register release and customs before being taken to the South African Police Permit Office.

Once your firearms have been checked by the Police, depending on your travel arrangements they will take you to your hotel. The meet and greet aim is to ensure that you have a stress free arrival at the Johannesburg International airport and that you are on your way to your hotel as quickly as possible. Contact them if you need overnight accommodation as they have a number of suitable establishments available with varying costs.

If you spend a night in Johannesburg prior to departing on the next flight to Namibia, they then will do everything they can to make it as pleasant and restful as possible. The next morning, they will pick you up from your accommodation establishment to be with you through the check-in process ensuring you are trouble free on your way to Namibia.


Always remember: Proper prior planning prevents pity poor performance…

Never forget to enjoy the planning and the travelling since it forms a huge part of your safari…!

We trust that you will gather memories to cherish forever while the employees of Kowas Adventure Safaris take very good care of every aspect of your safari…

You will arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend…

Kowas Hunting Safari: Ethical hunting is our pride and passion

Whk airport building

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