Kowas Hunting Safaris
Tel: (940) 440-8998

At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity.

To inform. To inspire. To share. To create.
All for the sake of creating memories to cherish… forever. Make the right choice!

Adventure awaits, but first, paperwork.
Look ahead, think differently, envision what’s possible so that you have faith to invest in the future, and then plan and work accordingly.

Before you finalize plans with a potential trophy hunting operator or outfitter, always keep two important things in mind:

1. Request a complete breakdown of all charges, in writing (Kowas Hunting Safaris calls this a “calculation sheet or pro-forma invoice”). Different countries charge different taxes, permit fees, etc. Some countries charge an ammo tax or area fee. Sometimes you must pay a fee to be transfer to a different game management area. Also, ask about charter fees. In many cases, the cost could double if other hunters are not on the same flight and you are the only passenger. Finally, be sure you understand any sliding scales for trophy fees, which is applicable with some operators, but does not apply to Kowas Hunting Safaris.

2. Finally, many hunting operators provide a contract that you must sign. Some destinations, such as the state of Alaska, require this. Be sure to read the contract in its entirety. Contracts should contain the terms and conditions under which you will be granted a refund should you have to cancel or if something goes wrong. Make certain that you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions.

Once you have selected a hunting destination (hopefully Namibia, Africa), an outfitter (hopefully Kowas Hunting Safaris), the best time to hunt (NOW), your wish list (trophies to be harvested) and your hunting/traveling partner, it is now time to make the booking: reserve the dates for your adventure!

Contact Kowas Hunting Safaris by indicating to us which dates you prefer for your potential trophy hunting safari to Namibia, Africa. Go ahead, block out your preferred dates to prevent any possible disappointment.

Once you block out your dates, Kowas Hunting Safaris will request you to pay a deposit of only US$800 per person to secure your preferred dates. This deposit is payable either via SWIFT bank transfer or credit card (Master / Visa) of which the payment details of the deposit to be reflected on the calculation sheet and being kept updated with every payment.

Kowas Hunting Safaris allows final payment of the safari on the last day of your safari. The payment medium is either credit card (Master / Visa) / bank guaranteed cashier cheque / travellers cheque – not the travellers card which is nowadays issued by the Bankers / or cash.

Kowas Hunting Safaris encourage you to stay in contact with us on a regular basis informing us where we could be of any assistance during the planning process of your scheduled safari. We are always only a phone call or e-mail away to provide answers to your possible safari planning questions.

If you know where you want to go, you can map out how to get to Kowas. You can make plans, create a strategy, work methodically toward reaching your goals, and finally arrive at you desired destination – Kowas Hunting Safaris!

We trust that you will gather memories to cherish forever while the employees of Kowas Adventure Safaris take very good care of every aspect of your safari…

You will arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend…
Kowas Hunting Safari: Ethical hunting is our pride and passion

Planning safari 4 Planning safari 3 19.  Trophy Kudu with PH 1.  Springbuck

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