Kowas Campfire, December 2014

    Kowas: Our Pride & Passion Back in May of 1990 when Danie & Ansie Strauss the owners of Kowas Hunting Safaris bought the Kowas ranch, there was merely no wildlife on the property. The only indication that there was wildlife on the property was dust-blown tracks of Oryx and Springbuck in the red … Continue reading


NAMIBIA:  B E S T  2015 TRAVEL destination in the world According to the trustworthy, prominent global travel company: Lonely planet  NAMIBIA, the Land of the Brave, has been named the runner up BEST TRAVEL destination to visit in the world in 2015 by Lonely Planet. Singapore was announced the world’s number one country to travel … Continue reading

EBOLA and NAMIBIA – Did you know…

KOWAS HUNTING SAFARIS NEWS:  EBOLA and NAMIBIA:  DID YOU KNOW… Since Africa many times are WRONGLY perceived as a country and hardly ever as a continent, combined with the fact that the media focus on EBOLA, allow Kowas Hunting Safaris to elaborate on this sensitive topic. NAMIBIA has enacted strict precautionary measures and as there currently are no … Continue reading


  Eight Keys to a Successful Safari By Brad Fitzpatrick By Brad Fitzpatrick and Jacques Strauss, Kowas Safaris Your professional hunter is going to try hard to see that your hunt is a success, but the hunting client’s attitude and effort plays a role in the overall quality of the experience. Here are eight key … Continue reading

NAMIBIA: 2014 Top emerging travel destination

Kowas Hunting Safaris is proud to announce that Namibia has been crowned number one in the 2014 top 50 emerging travel destination. Top Country: Namibia The southern African country (obtained independence from South-Africa only during 1990) which it’s predicted will see a 9.1 per cent growth in tourism over the next 10 years, scooped first … Continue reading

Tracks and Trails to Kowas Hunting Safaris

Follow the TRACKS AND TRAILS to Kowas Hunting Safaris by following this link. Kowas Newsletter March 2014 In this issue: Field notes from Danie Tranquil transformation Kowas Marketing Campaign Your preference The jewel on the face of Africa Find Adventure – and perhaps yourself Invitation Free Do not click this link Rescue services Your favourite … Continue reading

Safari Preparation: KOWAS Timeline for pre-planning

Kowas Hunting Safaris http://www.kowasadventure.com kowasadv@iafrica.com.na Tel:  (940) 440-8998 Safari Preparation:  KOWAS Timeline for pre-planning At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity. To inform. To inspire. To share.  To create. All for the sake of creating memories to cherish… forever.  … Continue reading

Budget, opportunity and destination

Budget and opportunities and destination At Kowas, our team are driven by a passion to enable you to experience Africa, Namibia, the natural way in all its complexity.   We offer economical and affordable prices and packages – do not THINK you cannot afford it, see for yourself!  Get facts, don’t settle to keep on dreaming, … Continue reading

Why a safari with Kowas Hunting Safaris

To give you only a few reasons why Kowas Hunting Safaris is the right choice for your African safari to Namibia, the following: – Wildlife only territory; – Abundance of wildlife; – No inner fences; – More than 80% returning clients; – Only 1 hour 15 min drive from the International airport; – Affordable packages; – … Continue reading


Dear outdoor and adventure enthousiast Let small steps lead to big changes during 2013… by making the right choises… Kowas Adventure Safaris wishes you a blessed year, surrounded by loved ones and endless opportunities to create memories to be cherished forever! We invite you discover Namibia:  vast, endless, magnificent and unimaginable;  where the landscape is Nambia’s defining natural asset. You … Continue reading