Kowas Hunting Safaris, 2014 Dallas Safari Club Convention, booth 3927


We extend an open invitation to each one of you, your family members, hunting buddies (…and even your enemies…) to schedule 9 – 12 January 2014 to visit us at our Kowas booth #3927 at the yearly Dallas Safari Club Convention. We are looking forward seeing you in Dallas for the 2014 Convention, 9 – 12 January 2014 (and 8 – 11 January 2015 and 7 – 10 January 2016). This is the one and only hunting convention that we attend yearly. Do not miss out on the fun and excitement.
DIRECTIONS to booth #3927:
1. At Entrance, turn RIGHT in front of the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Store.
2. Follow isle number 3400/3500 between DSC Store and Raffle tickets sales.
3. Turn RIGHT to the UPPER LEVEL.
4. Kowas corner booth 3927 is 4th row in the 3900 isle.

Although Air Namibia is the official Namibian airline who “fly the spirit of our Nation”, we are unfortunately obliged by our professional viewpoint recommending you to rather consider alternative airlines flying to Windhoek, Namibia.
Although it was convenient flying with Air Namibia directly from Germany to Windhoek, Namibia, the continuous flight delays, hunters arriving to Namibia without rifles (and sometimes luggage), limited luggage allowance, and rifle permits requirements leave us with no other choice but to make you aware of the current Air Namibia situation.
Alternative routes are to consider traveling through Johannesburg with alternative airlines such as South-African Airways, Emirates, Quanta or Delta.

SAA aircraft

On offer is professional video services when hunting with Kowas Hunting Safaris, personalised by Morne Strauss. From capturing the hunt, to editing services. Morne has the equipment and the experience to get the job done.
With steady hand, tripod, high quality high definition cameras, shots will be captured with precision producing a great memento featuring the challenges and triumphs and your African safari to Namibia.
The rates are based on the type of hunt and the duration. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your next adventure to be captured to re-live your hunting adventures in high definition.

If you have traveling tips to share with others, pass it on to us. We would be glad to share your traveling tips with other travellers to Kowas, Namibia, Africa.

TRAVELING TIP: When traveling with rifles, make use of an experienced travel agent.

TRAVELING TIP: When on medication when traveling, ensure that you have all your medication with you in your hand luggage to prevent a crisis when dealing with delayed or lost luggage. Ensure also that you have a medical prescription for your required medication for replacement.

Frankfurt Requires Firearm Permits for All Transiting Hunters
Effective immediately, authorities in Frankfurt, Germany, are requiring all hunters transiting through the Frankfurt airport with firearms to acquire a transport/transit permit ahead of travel. That’s according to Sabrina Stock with the Office of the Mayor of Frankfurt. Furthermore, the processing period requires four weeks and an upfront payment of 20 € for every transport/transit license.

For some time now, hunters have had to get a transit permit when they flew into Frankfurt on an airline that cannot transfer baggage to a connecting airline due to a lack of what’s called an interline baggage agreement. United, for example, does not have such an agreement with Air Namibia, forcing passengers to leave the transit area to claim their baggage in Frankfurt and re-check them with Air Namibia. That required hunters with firearms to acquire a transit permit in Frankfurt. Kowas was informed that even “passengers not leaving the transit area also need a permit….”

If you are booked on a flight through Frankfurt and you are traveling with a sporting firearm, you will need this permit even if your bags are checked through to your final destination, according to Stock. Your travel agent should be able to get the permit application, fill it out and submit it for you. The City of Frankfurt will email the permit to your agent, who can then forward the document to you. Expect to pay about $50 between exchange rates and bank transfer fees.

Although we have not yet received any complaints from hunters caught without a transit permit, the policy is in place and anyone found without the proper paperwork may be delayed, have firearms confiscated and/or be fined. Check with your travel agent about the latest changes and development in this regard – do not be caught by surprise…

Note furthermore clients checking in from Windhoek with Air Namibia, has baggage allowance of only one checked bag per person. Note the rifle case counts as bag number 1. More bags being considered as overweight luggage – additional charges will apply.

Check with your travel agent to be updated on the recently changed regulations.


If you have hunting tips to share with others, pass it on to us. We would be glad to share your hunting tips with other travellers to Kowas, Namibia, Africa.

HUNTING TIP: Trust your PH (professional hunter). He knows to indicate a representative, good quality trophy; it is out of your comfort zone, therefore, TRUST HIM. Do not question him on his recommendation!

We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook on our page Kowas Hunting Safaris where you are being kept updated on the trophies harvested and activities at Kowas…

• …that Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth?
After Mongolia which is also a vast country, there are only about two million people living in a country which is half the size of Alaska.

• The Namib Desert is about eighty million years old, and has the world’s highest sand dunes.

• Namibia is known as the “Gem of Africa”, is a unique place for eco-tourists.

• Namibia is known as a land of contrasts and wide open spaces.

• The inhabitant of the Namib desert, the fossil plant Welwitschia Mirabilis has a lifespan of up to 2000 years.

• The Republic of Namibia has been the first country to include protection of the environment in the Constitution of the country.

• Approximately 13.6 percent of the country’s surface area is protected, either as a nature reserve, recreation area or game park.

• An unusual aloe species, Aloe viridiflora, which is endemic to Namibia is found in central region of the country and in the mountains around Windhoek.

• The largest Namibia’s population group is Owambo, living in the northern part of the country.

• The Namib Desert is regarded as the oldest desert in the world..

• Namibia has the largest free-roaming cheetah population in the world – an estimated 2 500.

• The major export product in the southern part of Namibia is karakul pelts. The karakul sheep was brought from Asia and introduced in Namibia in 1907.

• The word “safari” means “travel” in Swahili.

• Namibia entered the tallest (6ft) Miss Universe ever, Michel McLain: Miss World 1991, Miss Universe 1992.

A social worker from Charlotte recently transferred to Boone and was on the first tour of her new territory when she came upon the tiniest cabin she had ever seen in her life.
Intrigued, she went up and knocked on the door. ‘Anybody home?’ she asked.
‘Yep,’ came a kid’s voice through the door.
‘Is your Father there?’ asked the social worker.
‘Pa? Nope, he left afore Ma came in,’ said the kid.
‘Well, is your Mother there?’ persisted the social worker.
‘Ma? Nope, she left just afore I got here,’ said the kid.
‘But,’ protested the social worker, ‘are you never together as a Family?’
‘Sure, but not here,’ said the kid through the door. ‘This is the Outhouse!’

Look ahead, think differently, envision what’s possible so that you have faith to invest in the future and then plan and work accordingly.

4 Responses to “Kowas Hunting Safaris, 2014 Dallas Safari Club Convention, booth 3927”
  1. Dana terry says:

    Hey, and howdy from Texas. I hope all is doing well ,I usually watch y’all’s weather on computer and see that y’all are getting lots of rain.we sure need it here in Texas.we have been in a drought for 2 years now. Maybe you can send us some rain.my knee is slowly getting better with less pain each day.the family is still so excited about the trip there,we are ready for warm weather it has been in the teens with snow and ice here.i’ve be reading a lot and watching hunting videos from Namibia, and even going to bass pro shop and shooting for practice. It won’t be long before we get to board that plane ans live out a dream come true. We’ll May god bless and talk again,save me some good trophies….Dana,Kathy,Shannon,Rick and Alex.

  2. Dana terry says:

    Nice booth

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